VP increases numbers to 13 MPs

MPs for Luganville and Port Vila are the latest members of parliament to join Vanua’aku Pati (VP), increasing the party’s number to 13 MPs.

At a ceremony held at Freshwota 2, Luganville MP Marc Ati and Port Vila Kalo Seule performed a custom ceremony for the party President, Bob Loughman.

When welcoming the MPs from the two main urban centres of Vanuatu, the VP President said he is happy to lead a political party that is growing with a long list of young leaders.

Mr Loughman said Vanuatu’s leaders were united in the struggle for independence in 1980.

He said despite differences existing today, he is glad to work with the two MPs.

He said with the two MPs joining the party, the number of MPs in the party has now reached 13, which gives him confidence and comfort to make decisions within government.

A number of MPs have joined VP as the country approaches national election around January next year and amid government contemplation of a political reform.