Opposition questions import of materials for Efate ring road repair

THE Opposition Office says it is well aware that negotiations are almost concluded into awarding contracts for the repair of the Efate Ring Road.

Opposition leader Ishmael Kalsakau said that funds procured for the repair works will be sourced from loans and that Ni-Vanuatu’s will be taxed to recover these loans.

“We remind the Government that since a total of VT800 million will be the allocated funds for the Efate Ring Road works it is only fitting and proper that blue stones and aggregate be supplied from within Vanuatu and not be imported from outside our neighbours,’’ he said.

“We have been reliably informed that there are ample and sufficient storage of blue and aggregate stones reserves within the country.

“And it should be resourced so that landowners, local entrepreneurs and subsequently the government will economically benefit from it.”

Mr Kalsakau said the Opposition is aware that two local businessmen, Brunei and Thin Van Thor have indicated their capacity and willingness to supply these asphalt materials.

“For an enormous amount of loan that is to be sourced in the name of Ni-Vanuatus, the locals must be encouraged to be involved at all levels of these ring road repair, knowing that their involvement will contribute in repaying the loans.

“We also remind the government that importation of foreign aggregate, if not properly checked, could be harmful to our human populace and potentially bring a hoard of insects and diseases that will be detrimental to our resources and potentially bring harm to our agriculture products.”