Chinese takeaway in Convention Centre ‘a mockery’

The Chinese funded and built Convention Centre in Port Vila.
The Chinese funded and built Convention Centre in Port Vila.

PENTECOST MP Francois Chani has described the overall planning of the National Convention Centre (NCC) as ill-conceived with no deep foresight by those who initiated it in the first place.

Mr Chani said that the overall plan fell short of the real purpose for what it was intended for.

The outspoken MP said the building failed to serve its purpose, because those who asked for it in the first place failed to give careful considerations to its various facets and the real purpose, and how it should be designed and to fit its purpose.

He said he does not blame the present Government but the past Governments who asked for such a building with good intentions, but came short of the facility that would serve its real purpose, as Prime Minister Charlot Salwai pointed out.

He said the Government should find ways to manage the centre that would benefit the people of Vanuatu instead of giving it away to a foreign company to manage it.

“It is a mockery to the government and the people of Vanuatu to see a takeaway shop sign being advertised at the entrance of the convention centre,” he said.

“It is also a disgrace to see a major project for the people of Vanuatu end up this way.

“The whole thing was ill conceived in the first place by those who initiated the plans for the centre.

“It should have not been built on a green space.”

He said that this is an example of bad decision made by the politicians without proper and wider consultations.