Friday, June 23, 2017

Going for gold – being the best you can be!

During this short series of articles Chris Elphick looks at the transformational power of business.

Container full of linen heading for Vanuatu

The linen is made up of sheets, pillow cases, towels, face cloths etc and it would be of great benefit to the hospital and similar facilities in Vanuatu

Researchers fight Pacific obesity and NCDs

The research builds on an ambitious international project that empowers teenagers to use scientific evidence, community and cultural knowledge to lift their own and their family’s health.

Fire me

PACER Plus will do nothing for Vanuatu and should be put on the fire.

Crotons a winner

Crotons are so easy to grow, and they can make a great splash of colour - or even a great salad, if you choose the right variety.

Menstruation matters – How taboos about periods are holding girls back

An estimated 75 per cent of girls in Vanuatu miss up to three days of school each month because they have their period, or ‘sikmun’.

Tune up your business

In this last article in this Tune Up Your Business series, the focus is on productivity and profitability – a 20 point plan

Super’ MAN Chips

The humble cassava, or manioc, tapioca or yucca, is extremely easy to plant and grow, and is also highly productive.

REVIEW: Pad Thai

There's a rival for the best Thai restaurant in Port Vila...

Post TC Pam, Debbie, Cook… Donna planting guide

Nothing beats Asian vegetables for rate of growth and nutrition.