Saturday, March 17, 2018

Bones discovered on a Pacific island in Kiribati ‘belong to Amelia Earhart’

After decades of mystery surrounding her disappearance, her story might come to a close.

Inspiring women in the Pacific: Resmah’s story

To mark International Women's Day this year the World Bank is sharing stories from inspiring young women they met from across the Pacific Islands.

Reviews with a Bite No. 2 – Akiriki at the Ramada

Bites gets its teeth into one of the newest restaurants around Port Vila.

Small Bites

To market, to market - at Le Cafe du Village, plus new owners t the Rossi, a new Chinese, and some hot offers from Iririki...

Ancient Pacific settlers vanished, but their language didn’t

All of those languages are descended from a single Austronesian mother tongue, brought to the island chain by some intrepid settlers from East Asia some 3,000 years ago.

Small businesses – high impact… managing risks

A series of short practical articles on running successful and profitable small to medium size businesses. Today we focus on fire and disease – the risks to our business.

Little Bites – tantalising taste of Azure

Now is the time to check out the enticing new menu at Azure restaurant at Iririki Island Resort.

Unblocking money flows in the Pacific

Tighter requirements introduced since the September 11 attacks, to verify who is receiving money and for what purpose, have strained relationships between financial institutions.

South Pacific looks to China as West turns away

Yet there is concern that Australia and its Western allies may be ceding their traditional leadership role in the South Pacific due to a combination of aid cutbacks and increasing Chinese interest in the dozen or so nations in the region.

An authentic American barbecue in Vila

To an American, particularly one from the southern United States, ‘barbecue’ is a very specific word.... mosey down to The Brewery to find out more.