Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bites Review: Azure Restaurant

Azure Restaurant at Iririki - an experience to savour.

Bites – 150 Lashes not to be missed

A cracking story about a cracking Australian ale that's on sale until Sunday - at the Brewery.

Immerse yourself in a weekend of yoga

A three-day yoga retreat incorporating all that is essential in this ancient Indian practice will be held at Reflections at Havannah Harbour, June 22-24.

US secret report: China ‘debt trap’ on Australia’s doorstep

The US report identifies 16 states vulnerable to China's so-called ‘debtbook diplomacy’ and economic coercion, including Vanuatu, Tonga and Micronesia.

Little Bites – a royal feast and cocktails galore

Mark the Royal Wedding with a special dinner... or just grab a cocktail or two tonight...

NZ academic confronts the power of China

New Zealand has said it is walking a fine but visible line between the two superpowers. Brady's research suggests that such a view is naive at best.

FADS – the good and the bad

It is estimated that currently 50 per cent of canned tuna comes from skipjack caught with the aid of FADs.

China’s push into artificial intelligence

Examples include global positioning software that gives directions to drivers, cell phones that recognize speech and facial expressions, smart and interactive robotics, and self-driving vehicles.

Challenges and opportunities for SMEs – Marketing

One major challenge for businesses, especially smaller ones, is not to be a well-kept secret!

Colonial-era tools help women get ahead in hat trade

A Sydney-based milliner has been working with disadvantaged women in rural areas of Vanuatu to build their business skills and improve the products they can sell.