Friday, February 22, 2019

Get out the galoshes

The key to dealing with tropical downpours in the garden is to take inspiration from Nature herself.

Tune up your business

Today the focus is on running a sustainable business.

Bites – eat, drink and go shopping

Le Café du Village restaurant has its monthly Village Market on this Sunday.

Small businesses – high impact

Imagine your business as a tree - Today we focus on the birds that visit and nest in our tree – our customers.

Progress in least developed countries hinges on access to modern energy: UNCTAD

According to The Least Developed Countries Report 2017, published today, the world’s 47 least developed countries1 (LDCs) are falling far behind the rest of the developing world in terms of getting power to homes and businesses.

South Pacific looks to China as West turns away

Yet there is concern that Australia and its Western allies may be ceding their traditional leadership role in the South Pacific due to a combination of aid cutbacks and increasing Chinese interest in the dozen or so nations in the region.

FADS – the good and the bad

It is estimated that currently 50 per cent of canned tuna comes from skipjack caught with the aid of FADs.

Leaving Ambae: a picture essay

Residents of the island in Vanuatu have been forced from their homes by an erupting volcano, not knowing when they will return.

Asia is ‘new hotbed of Christian persecution’

The annual Open Doors World Watch List, released on Wednesday, noted a sharp increase in the persecution of Christians in Asia over the past five years.

Lap it up

Are the gardeners of Port Vila being duped or is there already an insidious disease that is causing the decline of the Musaceae family in Vanuatu?