Friday, February 22, 2019

Spread the Christmas cheer at Azure at Iririki

Iririki Island Resort’s signature restaurant, Azure, is the place to head for if you wish to spread the good cheer and great food over more than just the 25th of the twelfth.

A lovers’ delight at Iririki

Valentine's Day is a chance to step away from your mad, busy world (even in Vanuatu) and remind each other why you mean so much to each other.

Going for gold – being the best you can be!

During this short series of articles Chris Elphick looks at the transformational power of business.

Hot potatoes

Potatoes could have a big future in Vanuatu.

Support for New Caledonia independence on the wane

Political bodies are cool about it while opinion polls in New Caledonia suggest it will remain French.

Island paradise with its own mansion and coral reef for sale

According to the sales agent, the island's location is perfect as it is far enough away from the mainland that it does not suffer from mosquitoes.

Phone and Internet data sent through Undersea Cables threatened by Chinese monitoring

Existing research shows that Chinese military branches associated with cyberespionage maintain operations near key cable landing stations.

Researchers fight Pacific obesity and NCDs

The research builds on an ambitious international project that empowers teenagers to use scientific evidence, community and cultural knowledge to lift their own and their family’s health.

Small Bites

Cup Day fun, and an exciting new head chef at Iririki.

Vale Aunty Bonita

Bonita Mabo was born in Halifax, Queensland and was an Australian South Sea Islander of Ni-Vanuatu descent whose ancestors were ‘blackbirded’ to work in the sugar cane industry in Queensland.