Sunday, April 21, 2019

Small businesses – high impact: our reputation

Today we focus on the leaves that grow on our trees – our brand, our reputation, how we present ourselves.

Program of shows at Won Smobag for this week

And that is it for the end of the year...

Tune up your business: cash flow

A series of short practical articles on keeping our businesses running well and smoothly.

Fiji’s efforts to keep fish in the sea

Nobody is in any doubt about the threat posed to the region by climate change, but the dangerous depletion of marine reserves is also of great alarm to Pacific politicians.

Researchers fight Pacific obesity and NCDs

The research builds on an ambitious international project that empowers teenagers to use scientific evidence, community and cultural knowledge to lift their own and their family’s health.

Small Bites: Enticing Indonesian and cracking coffee

Where to find some tasty treats, both savoury and sweet...

Going for gold – being the best you can be!

Today the focus is on healthy staff, happy staff – productive staff.

REVIEW: The Brewery Bar and Restaurant

The Brewery has a new menu - plus some old favourites - and the welcome return of chef Bubu.

Telstar Jimmy – journalist and poet

The Independent is publishing three of Telstar Jimmy's poems to encourage her and others to pursue their dreams and ideals through the love and beauty of the written word.

Going for gold – being the best you can be

Today the focus is on businesses as role models – as magnets for change.