Monday, April 22, 2019

Regional flavours in the best taste

The masters of plant genetics have produced some amazing new varieties of flowers and vegetables without the need to go down the road of GMO - genetically modifying organisms.
Broccoli heads

The QC and the broccoli

The Indy's gardening guru, Cornelia Wyllie, outlines the case for growing broccoli in Vanuatu.

When three cultures meet

A recently released book written by a former resident expat, ‘Vanuatu 1972 – 1981 When Three Cultures Collide’, recalls those years with fondness, humour and keen observation.
aerial Undine

The Undine dream

New Zealander Charles St Clair Brown feel in love at first sight with Undine Bay in North Efate - and he still has a strong vision for the area.

A passionate concern

Michael and Julie Shugg have lived in Vanuatu only a few years, but they have a driving passion to bring much needed help to amputees.