Thursday, July 19, 2018

38th Independence celebration coming soon

The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that a budget of more than VT seven million had been allocated for the 2018 event and the theme this year will be ‘infrastructure resilience’.

Standing fast in the face of climate change

IN 2016, Cyclone Pam tore through the island nation of Vanuatu with wind speeds of more than 280km/h. Eleven people died, 96 per cent of...

Healthy oceans and sustainable trade vital – ComSec

The Oceans Forum is exploring ways to achieve the trade-related targets of Sustainable Development Goal 14, which balances commerce with ocean conservation.

EU and China agree joint statement on climate action

The joint statement, adopted at a summit in Beijing, committed the world’s largest and third largest carbon polluters to driving progress in UN climate talks.

US, Vanuatu share medical and disaster response expertise

Local participants also expressed the importance of the exchange for the people living in the Vanuatu islands and emphasised the positive impact the event could provide for years to come.

Chinese MOFA disputes ‘meddling’ in South Pacific

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said China hopes the meeting's real intention is to promote regional peace and stability during the regular press conference on Tuesday.

Total road closure at Manples on Saturday

Traffic will all be detoured around through the back street in either direction.

NCDs leading causes of death in Asia-Pacific region

ADB Vice President Bambang Susantono said NCDs are placing increasing strains on health systems of the developing member countries.

Former MPs released on bail until November appeal

Tony Nari, Thomas Laken, John Amos, Marcelino Pipite, Jonas James and Silas Yatan have now been granted bail until the next court of appeal session in November.

Police: Most crimes committed by under 30s

Police said the crimes included violence, theft, defamation, damaging other people’s property, domestic violence and the use of alcohol and drugs.