Saturday, October 21, 2017

Former PM Carcasses freed today

Looking fit, healthy and relaxed, Mr Carcasses embraced some of his fellow inmates before being warmly greeted by his family and friends.

Pacific dominates top ten countries in the world with NCDs

To address these challenges, in July the Global Action Program (GAP) was launched on food security and nutrition for small island developing states.

PWA Ministerial Meetings opens

“This week has been a fantastic week for Vanuatu. And it is definitely a dream come true, not just for Vanuatu,’’ he said.

Ministry of Health calling all parents to have their child vaccinated

These vaccination for diseases like Tuberculosis(TB), whooping cough, Polio, Hepatitus B, Tetanus and measles will ensure that children will not be affected by them.

Proud day for Vanuatu’s APTC graduates

The new graduates join more than 11,000 Pacific women and men from 14 Pacific Island countries who have graduated from APTC since it began in 2007.

A dynamic future for young agripreneurs

During his speech, he noted that more cross-sectoral policies are needed to push young people towards agribusiness and that consequently his ministry will take action to work more closely with the Ministry of Youth.

Vanuatu new player on the world chocolate stage

Cocoa producers and the founder of the not-for-profit company behind the label Aelan are travelling to Paris this weekend for the International Cocoa Awards.

Emergency medical disaster response team workshop looks to future

The EMT initiative is a World Health Organisation (WHO) global directive to provide standards to all national and international medical teams who are deployed to assist in any disaster response.

Hard work is paying off: Air Vanuatu CEO

After Cyclone Pam the airline put a recovery plan in action that aimed to see the airline return to solid bookings, better codeshare agreements, new aircraft and an improved schedule.

Heads of fisheries and forestry challenged to embrace new ideas

The Vanuatu Agriculture Minister said scientific and technological innovation have shown potential to increase agricultural productivity and reduce hunger.