Sunday, December 17, 2017

Top Male and Female Athletes at Van2017

Home town star Yoshua Shing (table tennis) and Sharon Firisua of the Solomon Islands (athletics) have the won Best Male and Female Awards at the 2017 Pacific Mini Games in Port Vila.

China-Vanuatu underwater postcard to boost tourism

People living in Vanuatu can now send cards to the people of China through this underwater post office postcard.

MOET promises VT 50,000 cash for football players

Today’s final match is Vanuatu against Solomons Islands.

Conspiracy retrial in early 2018

All twelve are charged with one count of conspiracy to defeat the course of justice.

Shruder making an impression with Mini Games visitors

Crowding around to watch demonstrations, locals have been intrigued by the way the machine turns plastic that would normally be thrown away into useful material.

Gender based violence campaign in Vanuatu

As this year’s campaign coincides with Van2017, it has been a wonderful opportunity to engage the public in events at Korman Stadium, such as the pledge banner where everyone can put their handprint and write their pledge to end violence," he said.

Diabetes and obesity both tied to higher risk of cancer

For example, between nine percent and 14 percent of all cancer cases in Mongolia, Egypt, Kuwait, and Vanuatu were tied to high BMI and diabetes.

Ambae farmers encouraged to seek seasonal work overseas

A team from the International Labour Organisation is visiting the island and its spokesman, Bernard Edward, said they wanted to encourage eligible people from devastated areas to join seasonal work programs in New Zealand and Australia.

USP holds symposium

Head of USP's School of Education (SOED) Professor Govinda Lingam said the inaugural event was the result of a great working partnerships between the university and the Vanuatu Government’s Ministry of Education and Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education (VITE).

Vanuatu PM no confidence motion in order

If the Opposition commands 10 MPs then it needs the backing of at least 17 MPs from the government side in less than a week from today — if its motion is to come to fruition.