Monday, August 21, 2017

Building a culture of education data use in Pacific

The review by SPC will include senior government officials in each of the three countries and will focus on their beliefs and behaviours about education statistics.

Cultural ceremonies blamed for high cattle prices

The government says a new livestock policy is being drafted to address the issue on Tanna, where the demand for meat is so high farmers are running out of livestock.

Pacific commits to improving science of floods and drought

The Fourth Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-4) took a step towards the better management of floods and droughts through the establishment of a regional expert panel on hydrology.

Vanuatu’s first ever Travel Expo

The objective of the Vanuatu Travel Expo is to bring the local Port Vila community to meet tourism operators from all over Vanuatu.

Equipment allowed to come ashore

Vanuatu Biosecurity director Timothy Tumukon told The Independent Online this morning that the equipment was stored in a separate section of the ship to the aggregate.

Australia and Vanuatu fighting the effects of climate change together

Ambassador Suckling signed an MOU with the Minister responsible for Fisheries, Matai Seremaiah, to strengthen the management of coastal fisheries in Vanuatu.

Pacific need sustained support for water services

The panel would provide advice and guidance to the Council and progress the development and implementation of new initiatives to support the capacity needs of hydrological services.

Drone trials for vaccine delivery to take place early 2018

The drone trials aim to test the capacity, efficiency and effectiveness of drones to deliver lifesaving vaccines to inaccessible remote Vanuatu communities.

Tectonic Plate puzzle

The Malpelo Plate, named for an island and an underwater ridge it contains, is the 57th plate to be discovered and the first in nearly a decade, they said. They are sure there are more to be found.

Pacific coffee making inroads at London’s Caffe Culture

One company was invited to tender for a catering and retail services company provider to leading global airlines and the other securing a UK agent/distributor and follow up contacts.