Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Commonwealth countries rally behind ocean action

Alongside Vanuatu, the UK leads the action group on marine pollution, which includes 20 members in total from all regions of the Commonwealth.

Australia plans to step up presence in the Pacific

Morrison said conditions for growth in the region includes a responsible domestic and international management, market access for exports and tackling infrastructure constraints.

APEC’s future questioned after costly, acrimonious summit

It was the first time leaders had failed to agree on a declaration in 29 years of the Pacific Rim summits that involve countries representing 60 per cent of the world economy.

Xi meets Pacific leaders to further BRI cooperation

Xi said he wishes the tourism event held by China and Pacific island nations in 2019 a success.

Cold war in the Pacific

At APEC, US and Chinese leaders have been in a showdown for Pacific influence.

Call for private sector to support Ambae evacuees

VANGO has organised a schedule for partner institutions to donate food supplies and Saturday November 24 has been earmarked for the private sector.

Former MPs’ appeal quashed

The Appeal Court dismissed the appeal against the conviction but reduced the sentences.

Australia and New Zealand: Pacific cyber cooperation

Australia and New Zealand reaffirmed their commitment to work with Pacific Island countries to support an open, free and secure internet.

Minister to suspend Penama Provincial Council

Mr Napuat said the reason for the suspension included going against a government decision during the state of emergency on Ambae.

Pacific island nations want more say in APEC

Australia, New Zealand and PNG are the only south-western Pacific members of APEC, while other island leaders have been invited for the first time as observers.