Friday, January 18, 2019

Vanuatu’s first-ever graduate in Turkey

The first-ever Ni Vanuatu to graduate from a Turkish university says she wants to use what she learned to be an economist or teach business.

Women’s issues important to consider during an emergency

The training addresses water sanitation and hygiene issues during an emergency response by looking at water treatment and hygiene management.

Russia and China pose ‘challenge’ for region

Professor Dibb said in the past six months, the downsides in Australia’s strategic outlook have accelerated.

Disease outbreak concern on Ambae

Dr Leodoro said crowded evacuation centres and contaminated ground water created conditions suitable for disease outbreak.

Ambae relocation plan being finalised

Relocation to Maewo will be voluntary for Ambae residents, with land made available to people affected by the volcano.

Historic Diplomatic Corps visit to Pentecost

It was the first official visit by the heads of missions to Pentecost and also the first ever joint goodwill visit by the diplomatic corps.

Tons of fish harvested illegally in Pacific

The Pacific is highly dependent on coastal fisheries resources. In Fiji, more than half of its population depend on the ocean and fish for their livelihood.

National tree planting day in Port Vila

The Department of Forestry arranged for more than 1000 trees to be planted throughout Port Vila today.

Three-year Red Cross project ends

Among other achievements, the project established 21 community disaster committees and 20 water and hygiene committees.
vatu, Vanuatu currency

Public and private sector join to get Vanuatu off grey list

It took Vanuatu three-and-a-half years of hard work to meet the international standards and requirements that are in force today.