Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Working conditions in courts need major improvements – judge

Retiring Judge J P Geoghegan said judges in New Zealand would probably refuse to sit if they were required to sit in court rooms such as they are at Dumbea.

Opposition insists PM-backed pilot was not qualified

The Opposition has released a statement reiterating that it had received confirmation and information that the pilot concerned failed his instrumental flight tests.

M&E not given high priority

The purpose of the workshop was to learn more about how the government monitors and evaluates its programs and activities against the national Strategic Development Goals.

Children’s Day a great one for everyon

The first children’s day celebration was in Vanuatu was in 1990 and today marks the 28th year that Vanuatu has celebrated this event.

Efforts to restore sense of routine for Ambae children

The NGO said that included about 2000 children but there were not enough schools available to accommodate them.

Air Vanuatu Offers Travel Agents Fares from AUD$99

Air Vanuatu has introduced a special agent fare of AUD$99 and AUD$199 for one travelling companion.

VTU makes strong case to TSC over members’ benefits

The Vanuatu Teachers Union said the new GRT scale is very unattractive to teachers.

Kava Du Pacific eyes NZ market for Vanuatu kava

KAVA Du Pacific will be part of the Vanuatu delegation to the Auckland Pasifika Festival on March 25-26.

PM says shortwave cut costs lives, taxpayer dollars

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai says removing the shortwave radio service to Vanuatu could cost many lives in the likelihood of a major natural disaster like cyclone Pam.

Tahiti absence ‘damaging’ to Mini Games brand

The CEO of the Pacific Games Council, Andrew Minogue, said Tahiti's absence had a significant effect on the Mini Games.