Friday, March 22, 2019

Cyclone Oma prompts flood warning

The category 2 cyclone is moving slowly, increasing the impact of heavy rains over Torba, Sanma, Penama and Malampa provinces.

China ‘greatest long-term strategic threat,’ to US

US Indo-Pacific Command head, Admiral Philip Davidson, said Beijing uses ‘fear and coercion’ in an attempt to ‘expand its form of ideology in order to bend, break and replace the existing rules-based international order’.

Tropical Cyclone Oma upgraded to Category 2

Winds close to the centre are estimated to be 95 kilometres per hour and gusts of 130 kilometres are expected.

Opposition questions import of materials for Efate ring road repair

They said it is only fitting and proper that blue stones and aggregate be supplied from within Vanuatu and not be imported from outside.

Preparing for a cyclone

How to deal with a cyclone – before and after - messages from the Vanuatu Government departments.

Tropical Cyclone Oma to batter Vanuatu

The heaviest rain is currently expected to remain north of Erromango into Friday, affecting the islands of Efate, Epi, Ambrym, Malekula, Pentecost, Ambae, Maewo and Espiritu Santo.

Air Vanuatu issues travel alert

The airline says flight disruptions may be expected and customers will be provided with a re-adjusted itinerary, subject to availability.

Engaging women and girls in science ‘vital’

The UN Secretary-General called for concerted efforts to overcome obstacles, tackle misconceptions about girls’ abilities, and promote access to learning opportunities for women and girls.

Where are the women in Pacific Parliaments?

When it comes to female representation in parliaments around the world, the only countries where women hold at least half the lower house seats are Rwanda, Cuba and Bolivia.

Australia buys attack submarines to counter Chinese

It is both Australia’s largest ever defence procurement project and Naval Group’s largest ever foreign sales deal.