Monday, November 19, 2018

China says nobody can stand in its way in Pacific

After three decades of promoting free trade as a panacea to poverty, APEC is holding its lavish annual leaders’ meeting in the country that can least afford it.

Building materials off to Maewo

The NZ High Commission said the National Disaster Management Office has developed a plan to assist the 22 most affected Ambae households who have lost their homes and livelihoods.

Import certificate for cannabis diabetes drug

Phoenix Life can now import its cannabis-based diabetes drug into Vanuatu and the company hopes to soon announce the launch of clinical trials for its first 1000 patients.

National Oral Health Policy launched

The 2017 National Oral Health Survey examined 2727 people across 70 locations on 24 separate islands.

Ambae volcanic activity becomes stable

Geo-hazards said that the observations in October and November confirmed that the volcanic cloud emitted were white, meaning it was only steam.

C4J: Port Vila not represented in Malvatumauri

Campaign for Justice has been alerted that Port Vila’s representative, Alicta Vuti has been barred from participating in Malvatumauri Council meetings.

Seven new Director Generals appointed

PSC Chairman Mahe said the Commission is re-advertising the positions of DG of Education and of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Wolbachia Warriors receive thanks

The WMP team in Vanuatu has given students of six schools the opportunity to be part of a fun and free science project, growing and releasing mosquitoes with Wolbachia.

China luring Pacific islands with Belt and Road

Vanuatu Foreign Minister Ralph Regenvanu said in a message on Twitter that he ‘did not believe’ Vanuatu had committed to Belt and Road but he would check.

Xi makes Belt and Road pitch to Pacific Island nations

PNG was the first South Pacific country to sign up to the BRI and Cook Islands Finance Minister Mark Brown this week confirmed that his government would also sign on.