Friday, March 22, 2019

Justice Lunabek: Subordinate female jobs often lead to abuse

Vanuatu's Chief Justice says various national issues affect women’s lives, not always for the better.

High demand for kava in Pacific countries

HIGH demand for kava in other Pacific countries will force Vanuatu farmers to plant more product.

Arep bilingual school access internet for first time

Arep Bilingual Secondary School in Torba fortunate to have internet access for the first time.

Tanna arsonists sentence handed down

Jail and suspended sentence given to 21 Tanna men who were charged with arson in Tanna.

Vanuatu workers win praise at prestigious resort

Vanuatu workers in Tourism and Accommodation at the Cable Beach Resort in Australia have been awarded for their super performance during their six-month contract.

Possible disaster in East Tanna

White Sands Chiefs are calling for an Environmental assessment team from the government.

Police officer in third police car accident

A senior police officer driving without a driving license crashed a rental vehicle during the Police Symposium.

BSP records net profit in Q3

Bank South Pacific has continued its strong growth in the Quarter 3 of 2016, posting a net profit after tax of US$52.1 million.

Jailed MPs’ Constitutional case fails

Another attempt to secure freedom for Vanuatu's jailed MPs has failed.

Vanuatu makes progress at climate change negotiations

Vanuatu delegation says it is making progress at the first week of negotiations at the United Nations climate change conference in Morocco.