Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Japan prevented from resuming commercial whaling

The commission held a meeting in Brazil where Japan's proposal that would have opened the door to commercial whaling was defeated 41 to 27.

Trade policy training a boost for Pacific Islands

The workshop is funded by the WTO Secretariat and there are five representatives from six WTO member countries – Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea.

Chinese influence in PNG a ‘wake-up’ call

Oil Search chief executive Peter Botten warned that China’s increasingly heavy investment there risks Australia missing out on PNG's rapid development.
seasonal workers

Threat to Pacific seasonal worker scheme

The ABC understands the Federal Government is finalising the new visa, which is expected to be announced as soon as early next week.

Wolbachia goes to school

The handing over was made by the Director of Public Health, Len Tarivonda.

PGF donates garbage bags to Surfing Association

The clean-up campaign will begin at Pango surf point and all the way back to the surf side and Breaka's beach front.

Roadworks at USP roundabout Saturday

Drivers warned to avoid USP roundabout Saturday.

Refurbished Malapoa College handed over

The refurbishment included 16 buildings, which include 16 science labs, 24 classrooms, one library, a computer lab, dormitories, staff house and eight teachers' facilities.

Call to ‘raise ambition level’ in climate change fight

Currently the world is on track this century to see three to four times greater temperature rises than the stated objective in the 2015 Paris agreement.

UNICEF: Attitude towards violence, discipline needs to change

More than half of 13-to-15-year-olds in Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu experience bullying at school, compared to a third globally.