Thursday, January 17, 2019

Police thank people for quiet Xmas-NYE

Police said because of the community cooperation they had requested, there were very few problems during the celebrations compared to previous years.

Evacuees returning to Ambae against official advice

In the past few months, with the volcano's threat downgraded, some villagers have opted to return to Ambae to try and restart their lives.

Public consultation on proposed political reform laws

The Government wishes to seek the views of members of the public on this proposed political reform package.

Families still in evacuation centre on Ambrym

The families were evacuated from the southeastern corner of the island last month, after the eruption belched ash and triggered violent earthquakes.

Cassava grown for Vanuatu workers a potential money-maker

When the crop grew so well that he ended up with much more than his workers could eat, Mr Curtis decided to sell the excess to the Sydney markets.

Medicinal marijuana could impact food security

The government is looking to legalise growing medicinal marijuana to help boost the medical sector.

Mayor arrested for alleged hit-and-run

Lord Mayor Albert Daniel was detained for driving his official car while drunk as he was visiting his relatives in North Efate.

Ambrym families receive food and water

Reports of earthquake damage to buildings were recorded in the villages of Asse, Endu, Paamal, Sameou and Ulei.

SPREP and WSB to back urban food gardens

Country Manager for the Pacific Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change Project praised the long standing relationship between SPREP and WSB for environmental work in Vanuatu.

Kenya risks losing Port of Mombasa to China

The terms of a $2.3 billion Chinese loan specify that the port's assets are collateral, and they are not protected by Kenya's sovereign immunity due to a waiver in the contract.