Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wilsons Word

Diplomats, roadworthies, tourism and crafts, not to mention our fabulous cricket team - actually... BRAVO Vanuatu cricket team!

Vanuatu Government silent on New Caledonia referendum

The fundamental reason for the formation of MSG was to address the decolonization of New Caledonia and West Papua, the remaining Melanesian states still under colonial rule.

Development, not PACER-Plus, should be Leaders priority

Firstly, why has PACER-Plus been identified as one of three priority areas identified by the Forum Officials Committee meeting, later approved by the Forum Foreign Ministers for the Leaders to discuss.

Wilsons Word

The government is still making noises that suggest it wants to implement income tax next year, but nothing has been finalised at this stage.

Wilson’s Word

The biosecurity issue is vital for Vanuatu’s beef industry and agriculture in general but it hopefully marks a line in the sand where the government bosses refuse to ‘cowtail’ to every Chinese demand.

Australia’s Ambassador for Climate Distraction is back

The seasoned diplomat neglected to discuss what ‘Pacific climate consciousness’ would mean in actionable terms for his own nation - the world’s largest and expanding coal exporter.

Wilson’s Word… news and views

ProMed Survivor Games; Chinese aggregate; threat to submarine cable, plastic bags ban... never a dull moment in Vanuatu.

Is Australia’s approach in the Pacific coming into focus (at last)?

While it’s been a long time coming, this ‘step change' is starting to come into focus, with a speech delivered by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop last weekend in Suva.

Wilsons Word

WW has been among the few journos that has been prepared to state what many are thinking in this country.

The private sector and the GfG Program

…rather than clobbering the Private Sector after both significant natural and man-made disasters, why not tax the Donor funds…