Saturday, November 25, 2017

Climate change: The world’s poorest will judge us by action

I grew up as an islander and my child has grown up an islander. The word urgency for us is a word full of action, doing and ‘talanoa’ brings people together to talk.

Whose canoe is it? Are we Pacific people even in it?

So far it has been an engaging and informative experience. But then yesterday’s program kicked off with “Joining the Morning Conference COP23 of the Environment Team” – and any illusions I may have had about where Pacific people actually fit in the proverbial drua. Were hefted overboard.

Wilsons Word

COP23 delegation a disgrace; Public Service Commission palaver; oh, and don't let the bedbugs bite...

Climate change and our ocean of islands

Traditional forms of stewardship vary across the Forum Family of nations that are scattered across the vast Blue Pacific, since time immemorial.

Income Tax- ‘Australia’s not involved’ involvement.

If we ask the question, is it in Australia’s best interest for Vanuatu to introduce an Income and Corporate Tax, the answer would be yes.

Pacific communities building resilience in face of climate change

Pacific Islanders are working with courage and resolve to build the resilience of their communities and to catalyse international actions towards ending global carbon pollution.

Opinion: Heed the cries for help from Fiji

This collaboration between Fiji and Germany is highly symbolic as it stands for cooperation between those responsible for climate change and those who are most severely affected.

My vision for a pollution-free planet

It’s now clear that sustainable development is the only form of development that makes sense, including in financial and economic terms.

Wilson’s Word

Ash problems, Bauerfield runway refurb, drugs threat, car parking...

Developing regional policy to drive change for Blue Pacific

The Blue Pacific aims to harness our shared ocean identity, geography and resources to develop policies that will drive positive change in our socio-cultural, political and economic development.