Friday, December 14, 2018

Paris Agreement fight ‘could push US out permanently’

A hard divide between developed and developing nations would allow China, India, other major polluters ... to slip into a category where the Paris Agreement has softer requirements.

We need to stop disaster affected countries going into debt

Some form of relief scheme is needed for smaller states that have suffered natural disasters to get debt down to a sustainable level, suggests Jubilee Debt Campaign.

Wilson’s Word

China; VIPA, politics and potholes... the more things change...

Naive Australia should dump grand governance aid goals

Downer viewed the Pacific too much through an aid lens. We have been too slow to promote integration with the Pacific through non-aid instruments.

Businesses can help Australia’s step-up in the Pacific

A bipartisan Pacific step-up has so far neglected the key role that Australia’s business sector can play in developing relations with our Pacific neighbours. It’s the missing link in our Pacific policy.

Broadcasting the Oz Pacific pivot

After announcing an enhanced security deal with Vanuatu during his trip, Morrison might reflect on Vanuatu’s call for Radio Australia to resume shortwave broadcasts.

Working together for sustainable development in Pacific

The Pacific Roadmap for Sustainable Development including a set of Pacific Sustainable Development indicators provide the blueprint to help monitor progress towards meeting shared Pacific priorities.

Wilson’s Word

One Belt, One Road... what does it means for Pacific nations like Vanuatu?

Morrison and Pacific: the good, the gaffe, and the omission

The fact is, Australia has not done much well in the Pacific since the Second World War. It’s about time.

Pacific votes for its future

The Pacific has resoundingly re-embraced democracy — with Fiji’s two former coup leaders contesting a peaceful election there — even while being courted energetically by China’s single party state.