Thursday, August 16, 2018

What drives Indonesia’s Pacific Island strategy

Jakarta is courting Pacific Island states, hoping to change regional positions on the West Papua issue

Plans to produce natural insect repellent in Pacific

Dr Oelgemöller said the spray could save lives in countries where diseases like dengue, zika and malaria were present.

Collective diplomacy for a stronger Blue Pacific region

Forum Members engaged in wide ranging discussions centred around how the region can operate together to promote the security and development of the Blue Pacific region.

China says Pacific aid has no political strings

Spending by China, criticised by many of its neighbors for island building in the South China Sea, is almost nine per cent of total aid donations in the South Pacific.

Vanuatu seeks support for West Papua

The issue of West Papua was put forward by Vanuatu as part of its agenda, which went before the Forum Officials Committee (FOC) in its Pre-Forum Session in Apia, Samoa.

Pacific states unable to reduce child obesity

Child obesity was one of the issues discussed during the Pacific-African Caribbean and Pacific group of States (PACP) in Apia this week.

Build capacity in Ridge to Reef Sustainable Development

FORTY Pacific Island natural resource managers gathered in Townsville, Australia this week to build their capacity for local and global environmental management through the...

Ministers to discuss regional security and collective diplomacy

The value/power of a united Pacific voice for international diplomacy and at significant global and regional events was highlighted by Foreign Ministers in 2017.

Operation to help stop illegal fishing a success

Covering 16.5 million square kilometres over 10 days with 10 FFA member states, Operation Island Chief found no infringements or breaches.

Domino-effect could move Earth into a ‘hothouse’ state

The authors of the essay warn the Paris commitment to keep warming at 2C above pre-industrial levels may not be enough to ‘park’ the planet’s climate at a stable temperature.