Saturday, June 23, 2018

Pacific regional food security atlas launched

Accurate and up-to-date data will support informed decisions by affected member countries and communities to prepare for and respond more effectively to a crisis or disaster.

The truth about China’s power play in the Pacific

After decades of taking its neighbours for granted, Australia is starting to wake up to China’s potential to dominate the Pacific region.

China says Pacific debt claims ‘ridiculous’

Ambassador Cheng Jingye indicated he was not aware of Bishop’s remarks but said the proposition China was creating so-called debt-traps for small nations was ‘ridiculous’.

Australia will compete with China in Pacific, says Bishop

Bishop said Australia was concerned about the economic viability of small Pacific nations and did not want unsustainable debt burdens imposed on them.

China’s Pacific Islands push has US worried

PNG is the latest frontier in Beijing’s bid for global influence that’s included building artificial reefs in the South China Sea and a military base in Africa.

China encroaching on Taiwan – USCC

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping took power in 2013, China has increased its dealings with Pacific island nations by including them in its ‘Belt and Road Initiative’.

Taiwan monitoring Solomon Islands officials’ visit to Beijing

The Solomon Islands is one of only 18 diplomatic allies of Taiwan, and a meeting by representatives from the Pacific country with China could be worrying.

Dengue impact widespread in Pacific in past 18 months

Dengue outbreaks were reported from American Samoa, Fiji, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu in 2017.

Tons of fish harvested illegally in Pacific

The Pacific is highly dependent on coastal fisheries resources. In Fiji, more than half of its population depend on the ocean and fish for their livelihood.

Churches plead for radical changes

The conference was told that the unique ways of the people of the Pacific need to be maintained and kept alive in our ways of worship.