Don’t Let Migraines Slow You Down

Many people experience migraines, and they can be so severe that they are disabling for hours or even days. However, there are a number of remedies, lifestyle changes and medications that can help migraine sufferers have a better quality of life.

Migraine Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of migraine headaches are:

* Throbbing pain in the sides of the head, either moderate or severe
* Pain that gets worse with physical activity
* Nausea (with or without vomiting)
* Extreme sensitivity to sound and light

Some people also experience “auras” which are:

* Flashes of light
* Pins and needles in arms of legs
* Zigzag lines in your field of vision
* Blind spots in vision

While these symptoms are incredibly frustrating and painful for migraine sufferers, the exact cause of these headaches isn’t knows. Some experts believe that they are caused by changes in the nerve system and imbalances in brain chemicals that regulate pain messages.

Migraine Triggers

Some migraine triggers are hormonal changes – many women have migraines during pregnancy, for example. Hormonal medications like birth control or hormone replacement therapy can make them worse. Some foods may cause migraines in susceptible people, such as alcohol, chocolate, aspartame, processed foods and certain spices.

Other migraine culprits include stress, sensory stimuli, changes in sleep, smoking, and weather changes.

Migraine Treatments

Migraine treatments vary depending on factors like your medical history, age, and severity of headaches. Some therapies that may work are:

* Pain-relievers
* Opiates
* Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
* Zigzag lines in your field of vision
* Triptans
* Ergots
* Anti-nausea medications
* Antihistamines
* Preventative medicines
* Cardiovascular drugs
* Antidepressants
* Anti-seizure drugs

….and even Botox!

Talk to your doctor about the right medication or combination of treatments for your migraines.