Facts You Need to Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

Historically, breast reduction is not a new surgery. It has been around in many forms for the last 1300 years. However, the modern form of it was created as reduction mammaplasty approximately 80 years ago. Since then, the countless surgeries have led to insights that have reduced complications and increased the quality of cosmetic results. Why do women opt for breast reduction surgery? For most men (as well as women who are not well endowed), a breast reduction surgery would not make sense. Breasts are seen as attractive and feminine. However, it is their large size Large, droopy breasts that are also painful and heavy (Macromastia/Gigantomastia)

Chronic breast tissue inflammation

Pain in upper region, including back, neck and shoulders. to put it in perspective for men, and women with smaller breasts, a large pair of breasts is equivalent to carrying around 2 kilos around your neck

Indenting bra straps causing ridges in your shoulders

Sweating and smell emanating from under the breastsskin rashes under the breasts, as well as dark pigmentation (intertrigo)

No option but to slouch due the weight of breasts

Being self conscious and hiding large breasts with large T-shirts

Expensive bras and clothes, including blouses, coats, dresses which all have to be custom fit

Discomfort while playing sports despite wear special bras to prevent wobbling

How does it help women?

In the days and weeks after the surgery, patients have reported the feeling of a having a weight literally come off their shoulders. This is due to reduced heaviness and pain of dealing with heavier breasts. They are also lifted in position, and their women can finally stand straight. Women who had developed shoulder indentations as a results of a bra strap digging into their arms would not aggravate the issue further. The sweating and skin rashes would also disappear.

Most importantly, the reduction of these symptoms brings back self esteem and confidence. It also translates to cheaper bras and dresses instead of spending on custom-fitting. Women are able to participate in their favorite sports and activities after the procedure due to firmer and lighter breasts.

Cosmetic changes

Along with firmer and lifted breasts, the nipple will point up instead of down, giving it an overall aesthetic look

The Surgery Removal of excess breast, as well as the areolas. Large areolas can be removed along with the nipples and then repositioned.


An inverted T scar (also called an anchor scar) forms around the areola, and then heals over time. In some cases, scar revision is recommended if natural healing is not effective.

You can prevent complications by:

Avoiding smoking: known to increase possibility of infections. Anyway, smoking is bad for you

Plan your work schedule, and avoid physical work in the weeks after your surgery

What you will experience after the surgery

Swelling will begin subside in 3 weeks. Additionally, pain will be resolved with injections (in the first few days), as well a schedule of oral medication can alleviate pain. Pain will finally subside in 2-4 weeks Tightness of breasts will be experienced due to swelling, but this will resolve along with the pain. Oozing from breasts will be drained in 24 hours with tubes

After the surgery, you can resume your regular mammograms and ultrasound investigations as per your medical schedule, as well as a bra according to the new size.