How to’s and tips for gaining muscle mass

To gain muscle mass is not the same as getting stronger and toning up. Rather it focuses on bulking up muscles. To achieve bulking up, one must be lifting heavy! Weight lifting is essential for bulking up and the best method by far is utilizing dumbbells.

Initially, you will need to find the weight you could lift three times in a row, and no more, if you can do a fourth repetition then increase the weight. Once the ideal weight is established, you will need to be doing three sets of the exercise with only three repetitions per set.

Most body builders who choose the natural method…

Pushing your muscles to lift the heaviest they can will rapidly increase muscle mass, however, it will not increase the endurance of your muscles. In order to gain muscle mass, workout is only half the deal, that new mass needs to come from somewhere and like gaining any weight that somewhere is usually food. Muscles are synthesized out of protein, thus, to gain muscle mass, one needs to eat a lot of protein.

Most body builders who choose the natural method partake in a diet of chicken, lots and lots of chicken. Chicken breast is really high in protein and unlike the brown meat really low in fat.

Getting enough protein can be difficult!

However, getting enough protein from an everyday diet can be difficult, thus protein supplements have become increasingly popular. There are many protein shakes on the market; however the majority of these should be avoided as they contain carcinogenic artificial sweeteners and flavors.

A healthy alternative is a purely whey based protein powder with no additives consumed only with water. This is a natural protein source extract that gets digested almost instantly. Muscles get regenerated during sleep, so a body builder ideally gets a good night sleep to allow the body to regenerate the ripped muscle tissue.

Thus, muscle gain comes down to three essential steps:

1. Pushing the limit of your muscles and lifting the heaviest you can 3 times, for 3 sets;

2. Eating enough protein to gain muscle mass, whether its consuming chicken after chicken or drinking a tall glass of water dissolved whey protein after each workout;

3. Plenty of rest and sleep to allow your sore muscles to regenerate and grow. Some final tips: do not work out if you are sore, focus on a single muscle group, target it with an intense workout, take the time off to rest and regenerate, repeat.

If you’re not getting sore from your workouts then increase the weight and stick to your regiment!