Soy Products May Increase Impotence Risk In Men

Soy products are one of the most popular sources of proteins among people, especially vegetarians, all over the world. Various organisations such as animal rights organisations have actively campaigned to go vegan and adopt soy milk instead of other sources of milk. However, soy can adversely affect a man’s libido and can cause erectile dysfunction among them, as a study points out.

As opposed to a previous study that supported development of male viagra köpa hormone testosterone and promotes male fertility, the study claims that having too much soy can decrease male fertility. It was found that men who consumed soy bean regularly, had a low sperm count than men who did not or had little soy bean.

According to scientists who conducted the meeting, soy was found to kill fertile sperms and though it promoted production of testosterone, the hormone got quickly converted to estrogen and progesterone which are hormones prominent in females. Cases have also been reported wherein men those were a regular in soybean intake, experienced emotional outbursts, as in the case of women; along with rare cases of development of breasts in men.

The reason for development of ED in soybean-loving men was attributed to the presence of soy isoflavones that have an anti-sperm characteristic. Another reason why soybean was affecting erectile function was because of additional deposition of fat in the body, which formed plagues and blocked arteries in the penis.

However, experts advise that soybean should not be dropped altogether from one’s daily diet, because soy has been known as a very good source of protein and do not affect testosterone levels in men if taken in reasonable quantities. Earlier data has potensmedel cialis suggested that an intake of 50-150 mg of soybean, or two servings per day does not affect testosterone levels. The case does remind one of the saying that anything in excess can be dangerous.