Starting to work out? We have all the answers for you!

All you need to know to start working out

Making a decision to start working out is a serious investment of time and energy. The important fact is that in order to see any results, training has to be regular and has to push one’s initial abilities to the limit.

Moreover, to see any real results takes time, about one to three months of regular serious training at least. What does it mean to train regularly – four times a week is a good start.

To fulfil one’s desire to work out requires the development of a few essential characteristics: discipline and organisation. It is crucial to make yourself work out even when you do not feel like it, when you are sore, when you would rather do something else etc.

To see any real results one must be adamant in sticking to a regular workout schedule. Developing a training regimen is the other part of the puzzle that requires a lot of organisation skills. A good workout takes about an hour, thus one must find 4 hours a week and equally spread them out to allow for sufficient rest.

Training is essentially injuring your muscles, and gains are the subsequent healing of the injured muscles.

Thus, rest is just as important as the workout itself. Therefore, to start out, one must make a weekly schedule of training and rest.

Then, one needs to choose the exercises based on goals and available resources. A few workout sessions are needed to fully develop your daily workout, ideally one has to be sore the day after the workout, if you’re not sore, then increase the intensity of the training. Initially, it is not a good idea to train the muscles that are sore, thus resting the day of the workout is recommended, at least resting the muscles that are sore. It is absolutely ok to train muscles that are not sore.

For example my workout for day 1 targeted the chest, on day 2 my chest is sore, and so my day 2 regiment will target the abdominals. Such a schedule will allow for rest of the muscles that need it while at the same time fulfill one’s quota of training per week. The most important aspect of training though, is discipline – sticking to your regiment regardless of anything else!

Keep at it and you will see results!