Why Acne Remedies Dont Always Work

There are a plethora of acne remedies, both home-made and manufactured, that are designed to visibly reduce the effects that acne has on your skin.  Acne is one of the most profound skin disorders, and it affects the vast majority of the human race.  Although some definitely have it worse than others, there is hardly an individual who has made it through life without one single blemish.  Teenagers are most commonly affected by acne, but it doesnt necessarily stop there.  Men and women of all ages can get blackheads and pimples.  In some cases, people who suffer from acne have experienced such strong affliction that they have given up on the battle.

So why does acne affect everybody differently, and why do certain acne remedies only help a certain number of people?  Because variations exist in peoples skin, as well as physiological characteristics that contribute to the disruption of the inflicted areas.

Most people with occasional acne are able to find relief in mild soaps like Dove.  Regular cleansing of the face with a mild soap and hot water helps to remove some of the oil and dirt that build up in the sebaceous glands and cause acne.  For those who do not benefit from this remedy, incessant scrubbing and cleaning will not make it any better.  On the contrary, excessive scouring on the skin will only cause further irritation.

For people with moderate acne, there are a variety of cleansers and toners that all have unique characteristics.  Among these, include acne fighting chemicals like benzoyl alcohol, alpha-hydroxy acid, and salicylic acid.  These agents all have skin drying properties that help to stabilize the skin that is affected by acne.  Specifically, benzoyl alcohol has a unique ability to unclog your pores, lessening the damage that will lead to pimples.  The different types of acid act as a peeling agent to the top layer of your skin.  This action removes extra dead skin cells and damaged, dirty follicles that – if left untreated – will make their way under your skin and cause more acne.

For a significant amount of the population, some popular brands like Aveeno and Neutrogena are concentrated with enough acne fighting chemicals to fight off acne and not over dry the skin.  For some, however, these acne remedies have proven time and again to be worthless.  These cases of acne are most likely caused by more dominating elements, such as drugs, hormones, poor diet, or stress.  For these cases of stubborn acne, a more active approach is necessary if you are to win the battle.

Some causes of acne are reversed by the use of medication.  Any medication taken for acne – or any other ailment – needs to be taken under the supervision of a Medical Doctor.  It is important to tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are on any other medication that will cause unpleasant adverse reactions.  Other solutions to people with severe acne include less traditional methods, like acne laser treatment.  Do not give up the fight!  If you have searched through acne remedies and still cannot find your way to clear skin, look online to find out what other options are available.